Sunday, May 18, 2014


       Shalom! I'm just days away from my first ever trip to Israel. I can't seem to focus on packing, as daydreams of middle eastern architecture, infinite deserts, and sparking seas fill my head. I have a few essentials already picked out, like a crocheted canteen from Free People, my trusty Kanken backpack, and a pair of mandatory Tevas sandals (thanks, Muiccia Prada, for turning river rafting footwear into a fashion trend). The Western Wall in Jerusalem requires a conservative ensemble to hide knees and shoulders; the perfect opportunity to don a maxi dress and printed scarf. I'm hoping to hunt for stacks of beaded bracelets as souvenirs, and I've forever wanted to slather my skin in mud straight from the Dead Sea. Other items to check off my bucket list: cruising on a Camel and watching the sunrise on Masada. I can already taste the hummus! So in honor of all things Israel, behold some inspiration photos that celebrate the Jewish homeland, from turbans and harem pants to Israeli model Michaela Bercu. 

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  1. Love that photo of Veruschka, she's a goddess.
    Are you going on birthright? Regardless I'm super jealous of your trip! Have fun!

    xx Ella
    Ella Et Cetera