Monday, August 06, 2012

Olympic Spirit

"Fashion is inspiration. Sport is inspiration."
"Sport is aspiration. Fashion is aspiration." 
-Vogue, June 2012

        More than ever, it seems that fashion is embracing the world of sports. It started on the runway with athletic-inspired collections (Marc by Marc Jacobs, Alexander Wang, Isabel Marant, Altuzarra), but the 2012 Olympics has been the real catalyst, inspiring an issue of Vogue devoted to the Games and catapulting athletes like Hope Solo and Usain Bolt into the fashion spotlight. As Vogue pointed out, it's a two way track: The fashion crowd is upping its game while olympians swim, sprint, and strike in style. Adidas and Opening Ceremony collaborated on a sporty-chic collection, while Stella McCartney designed the uniforms for Great Britain. And who could forget Serena Williams winning Wimbledon in a cropped double breasted blazer? Certainly not Victoria Beckham, who was on the bleachers watching the tournament (with hubby and olympic soccer player David Beckham, of course) and also designed the orange dress that Karlie Kloss modeled for Vogue on the parallel bars. Like olympic duos Misty and Kerri, Jordyn and Gabby, and Serena and Venus, fashion and sport make a winning team. 


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  2. I really like this sporty, yet fashion-forward editorial. Especially Karlie Kloss in the Victoria Beckham dress!

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  4. I love when fashion intertwines with sports! I love equestrian inspired fashion. Yes, riding boots seem obvious, but my shirts that I used to wear for showing still survive in my closet as fashion essentials!

  5. These are really great examples! Lovely post!

  6. love these inspiration photos... who knew sportswear could be so fashionable!