Thursday, April 03, 2014

Nuclear Seasons

American Apparel beanie, Gap jean jacket, vintage Woolmark coat from Metropolis, Aritzia leggings, Michael Kors creepers, Madewell bag, 
photos by Kelsey of Runaway In LA

       Another ace find at Metropolis Vintage: my tartan coat. One day I was walking to class and I saw some random girl crossing the street wearing a red and black tartan coat. She'd paired it with striped ankle socks peeking out from glitter-covered chelsea boots. I thought the combination was just so cool and eccentric, and I instantly wanted to chill with her at some bohemian coffee shop even though I hadn't even seen her face. Amazing how much clothes can shape our perception, right? So when I found an entire rack dedicated to tartan coats, I immediately shed my plain puffer jacket and began flinging different styles onto my body. I tested a more fitted version, a cropped one with oversized buttons, another with an asymmetrical zipper. Standing in front of the mirror amid a mountain of plaid, I ultimately decided on this one by Woolmark for its heavier weight and flappy collar. I've found that outwear is incredibly tricky in the city. Growing up, I'd buy one puffer to last me for a few winters, and I'd stuff myself into it every morning as I headed out into the suburban tundra. But here, coats are an extension of your outfit, and isn't your outfit an extension of your self? This revelation came to me an opportune time, as the March weather allowed me to trade my eskimo gear for a lighter but still substantial layer of wool. On this particular day, I added a jean jacket underneath to break up all the black and grey I had going on. I always thought doubling up on collars was a fashion faux-paux, but if you juxtapose two different textures, it adds a refreshingly dimensional effect. Okay, now I need to spotlight these KILLER creepers. I never really saw myself as a creepers kinda gal, but this pair is so refined with its barely-there platforms, perforated panels, and delicate clasps. Completing the look are my mainstays: tricolored satchel, charcoal beanie, and ribbed turtleneck. I'm usually wearing at least one of these basics on any given day. Finally, this gorgeous Gothic church on Broadway suited my London grunge/McQueen vibes. Umbrella not optional. Now, I must go read Act III of Shakespeare's The Tempest before class... how fitting!

Monday, March 31, 2014

Starry Night

       I've often fantasized about attending a masquerade ball. There's something so intriguing about concealing your identity for a night and lurking around like an aristocrat in 16th century Italy. Oh, what I would give to have twirled amongst Carine Roitfeld and company at the 2010 Vogue Paris bal masqué, or be mistaken for Serena van der Woodsen in Gossip Girl's iconic masquerade episode. My fantasy got a fairy tale ending this past weekend at "NYU Unmasked," the semi-formal held at none other than the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was a MET Gala moment; seeing the museum's facade lit up against the night sky and ascending the famed steps all dressed to the nines. Inside was even more surreal as I posed with friends next to Grecian sculptures and danced under the vaulted ceiling. But the most thrilling part of the night was donning my dream dress: an authentic 1950s vintage frock that I'd hunted down just hours before the event. With an hourglass silhouette, classical velvet straps and scalloped overlay, the dress called out my name from its post in Metropolis Vintage. When I asked the sales guy to bring it down for me, he said, "This one's hard to come by. You don't see a dress like this everyday." I couldn't help but agree when I slipped it on, realizing it had a full petticoat that created the most beautiful cinch at the waist with an exaggerated flare below. The tea-legnth hem falls just under my knees, perfect for spinning with a bit of 50s sass. Delicate Chantilly lace contrasts with creamy satin underneath for an antique feel worthy of an Age of Innocence-style feat. Up at the MET, I found a black crochet mask that perfectly complemented my treasured frock. A night for the history books, or better yet, the Renaissance wing.  

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Comfort Zone

American Apparel beanie, REHAB chunky cowl sweater, Michael Kors puffer jacket and bracelets, pleated leather skirt from Ruby and Jenna boutique, Madewell ribbed tights, Sam Edelman booties

When I first laid eyes on this little skirt, I immediately thought of the flared minis that Riccardo Tisci showed for Givenchy f/w 2011. Yes, I know the reference is so three years ago, but if I'd come across this piece at the time, I doubt I'd have even tried it on. I would made the connection to Givenchy, decided the skirt was cool, but ultimately dismissed it as too daring for my 15-year-old wardrobe. In fact, I almost performed that exact sequence, but then I remembered I live in the city now, where unexpected fashions are actually expected on a daily basis. Fast forward to some Saturdays ago, and I'm sporting my new purchase on the way to grab sushi with blogger bud Kelsey. Rather than pair my Givenchy cousin with a sheer blouse and cut-off bra (c'mon, my comfort zone has to stop somewhere)  I opt for a soft chunky knit to offset the angular pleats. For a boost of street cred, I add a puffer jacket, American Apparel beanie (you can't go to NYU and not own at least one of these) and black aviators. 
The look is Tisci tested, Lindsay approved. 

Monday, March 03, 2014

Fashion Week Flashback: Concept Korea, Czar, By Misha

       Before Paris fashion week steals all the spotlight, let's take a moment to revisit some uber cool collections from city that kicked off this season's ready-to-wear affair. New York is practically synonymous with young, cool, emerging talent, which was on full display at the the shows I attended after Nicholas K. For me, these three collections were tied together by the way they paired classic feminine looks with a sense of strength. From a pleated skirt amped up with leather to cocktail dresses paired with edgy jewels and sharp blazers with snakeskin lapels, tis the season for girls to run the world… and look ridiculously chic while doing so. 

Concept Korea is a collective of four Korean designers (3 womenswear, 1 menswear) who teamed up to each present their own unique line. The first paid a high fashion tribute to Cowboys & Aliens, with models stomping the runway in a mashup of structural wide-brimmed hats, elegant fringes, spectrum-esque leggings, and platform space boots. The subsequent lines offered, respectively, modern coats splashed with abstract art prints followed by bold leather jackets matched with the now ubiquitous sneaker wedge. 

Czar by Cesar Galindo staged a striking presentation of women's cocktail wear. Both the space and the ensembles were dripping in metallics, and slicked back hair with turquoise accents further perpetuated the sci-fi vibes. Some of the boldest pieces included a sequined purple shift and a large chrome necklace, but I preferred the flirty dresses shown with color blocked sandals, as well as the laser-cut leather and vibrant prints.

By Misha was what girly girls' dreams are made of: embellished statement jewels, day-to-evening dresses, and a palette rich in blush pink and deep crimson. Trendy silhouettes like shorts with blazers and fitted crop tops were polished up with major heels and studded clutches. Many of the looks could easily transition from office to night club with a simple switch of accessories. The beauty look was also noteworthy, as models stunned with smokey eyes and topknots on topknots. 

Which New York collections did you prefer, and which are you most excited to see in Paris?